What Is An Accelerated Degree Program?

With students and politicians looking to cut education costs, accelerated degrees are becoming more and more popular. Schools across the country are starting to offer these programs to help coeds get bachelor’s and master’s in less time than ever before. Not everyone qualifies for an accelerated degree, but students who do save time, money and frustration. If you’ve got previous college or work experience or are an exceptional student, you may be able to get your degree faster than you thought.

What Exactly Is An Accelerated Degree?

How can you finish your degree early? It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. An accelerated degree can be one of several things, all of which are a possible option for you. All programs operate by letting you take fewer classes than a traditional student. You may be able to skip classes by earning graduate and undergraduate credit for the same class, by transferring previously earned credits to a new school or by using work or military experience for college credit. College degrees require multiple introductory courses; accelerated programs are for students who already understand the basics.

Can I Get An Accelerated Master’s Degree?

Yes, you can earn graduate accelerated degrees. If you have substantial workplace experience, you may be able to transfer this into graduate credits. Business schools are especially likely to offer credit for work experiences. As another option, some universities let you apply for an advanced program that lets you take graduate classes while enrolled as an undergraduate. These programs let you take master’s degree classes while still an undergraduate. The advanced classes count for both your bachelor’s and your master’s degree. You may be able to earn a bachelor’s and master’s in just five years. Some schools even offer programs like this for law school.

How Does An Accelerated Degree Save Money?

College is expensive. Classes can cost thousands of dollars. An accelerated degree lets you skip over multiple classes, saving you big bucks. Even politicians, such as Iowa State Senator Jack Hatch, are are acknowledging accelerated degrees as the best way to cut college costs.

Can I Graduate Faster With An Accelerated Degree?

If you’re like most other students, you don’t want to spend four or more years in college. You want to get in, get your degree and get a good job. Accelerated degrees make that happen for you. Undergraduate programs are starting to offer three-year programs, as are medical schools. Everyone is recognizing the benefits of accelerated degrees. Are you ready to take advantage of the trend?

Once you have your degree, no one will know how you earned it. An accelerated degree is just as good as a regular diploma. You’ll be the only one who knows how much time, money and stress you saved, unless you choose to help spread the word about how helpful you found your accelerated degree program.

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