Can You Get a Degree in Physics Online?

Physics is one of the most demanding of the physical sciences, and you may hear that it’s almost impossible to get a degree in physics online. That isn’t true. It is possible to get an online physics degree, but the process is very challenging. Online education may sound easy at first, but online students find more challenges than many students in physical classrooms. In order to complete an online degree, students must stay motivated, consistently complete coursework on time, and take advantage of support systems like counseling and tutoring. If you are a self-directed learner, love physical science and math, and have strong time management skills, an online physics degree could be for you.

Physics Teaching Degrees

At the bachelor’s degree level, several online physics degrees focus on preparing students for careers as public school physics teachers. Good science teachers at the elementary or high school level are in demand. A Bachelor of Science degree with a specialty in physics teaching is one option if you want to pursue an online physics degree. Combined with a teaching credential, this online degree will help you to get a job as a physics teacher in the upper elementary grades, middle school, or high school. Some universities also offer master’s degrees in teaching physics, which will prepare you to teach at the community college level.

Masters Programs Combine Online and Onsite Education

The combined online and onsite master’s degree in applied physics at Johns Hopkins University is one of the only advanced degrees in applied physics with an online option. The Johns Hopkins’ degree allows students to focus in fields like photonics and materials and condensed matter. These areas of study require access to advanced fiber optics technology and particle accelerators, which are types of equipment that are never found at home. Johns Hopkins has more than 140 courses that are offered online, with select lab courses offered at the university.

Health and Medical Physics Degrees

Several other online physics programs are geared toward medical science and healthcare. Georgia Tech uses digital technology to offer a Masters Degree in Medical Physics, focused on using physics to diagnose and treat human diseases. Other universities offer certificate programs, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in medical or healthcare physics.

Related Degrees: Materials Science

Some universities, like Drexel and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) offer online program options for degrees that are closely related to physics, including materials science. These degrees prepare students to work in a variety of applied physics environments, in industry, product development and design, aerospace, and advanced engineering.

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According to the Institute of Physics (IOP), a physics degree will prepare you for a challenging and potentially high-paying career in many fields in addition to physics research. TheĀ Society of Physics Students reports that only about 30 percent of U.S. physics graduates work at a college or university. If you are able to get a degree in physics online, you can look forward to a career in a variety of industries, government research facilities, or in health or law professions.