Do You Need a College Entrance Exam For an Online Degree?

Online DegreeIf you are planning to earn an MBA or a master’s degree online, you may be wondering if you need a college entrance exam for an online degree. While the process of applying to an online college is very similar to that of a traditional school, there are differences that all prospective students should be aware of. In addition to submitting your transcripts, your application, letters of recommendation, and essays, you may be required to take and pass an entrance exam showing that you are competent. Here is information about the entrance exam requirements of colleges offering online degrees so that you can prepare yourself for the application process.

Why Are Entrance Exams Required to Enter a Graduate Program?

When you attend a bachelor’s degree program, you may be asked to take an entrance exam for placement purposes. This placement exam will test you on your knowledge of various operations in mathematics, grammar, and comprehension. The scores of these placement tests are not used to determine whether or not you will be accepted to the school.

The scores of an entrance exam, however, are used in admissions decisions if you are applying to a graduate program. One of the main reasons why these scores are used in the decision-making process, is because the scores will show whether or not you are competent and skilled enough to complete graduate-level coursework. The Graduate Management Admissions Test and the Graduate Record Exam will both test you on your analytical writing skills, your quantitative abilities, and your verbal skills.

Must You Take an Entrance Exam to Compete for Entry Into an Online Program?

You should review the specific requirements of any school that you are thinking about attending before you start the application process. The school will state if you need to submit your GMAT or your GRE scores before the deadline to be considered. You can also check to see what score you must receive to pass the test based on the school’s requirements. Not all online schools or traditional schools require that applicants take these entrance exams.

It is important that you decide which accredited graduate program is reputable and then distinguish between the reputable programs based on their exam requirements. The fact that an exam is required should not be a deal beaker for you to attend a specific program because schools with a lot of competition will generally set this requirement.

When Should You Take Your Entrance Exam?

Timing is very important when you are applying to a master’s degree or MBA program. You must submit all of the documentation that you are asked for before the application deadline, and procrastinating can cause you to postpone your student career another semester. Many students recommend taking the GMAT before you even earn your bachelor’s degree. By doing this, you can improve your chances of getting a high score because the information is still fresh in your mind. If you do not take the test early, you should have it completed at least 3 months prior to the application deadline so that you have time to repeat it like 21 percent of test takers do, according to the Forte Foundation.

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Earning a graduate degree can give you leverage when you are applying for most jobs. Be sure to choose an accredited business school that has the best program options for you. If you need a college entrance exam for an online degree, get it done with plenty of time to spare.