Can You Get a Degree In Art Online?

Art DegreeWhy should you waste time and gas driving to a local college when you can get a degree in art online? Many students today find themselves graduating from high school and going right to work. They think that they can’t afford the cost of taking art classes or that they can’t take time away from home. Thanks to online art programs, you can now major in art and take classes that let you foster your passion from your living room or bedroom.

Types of Online Art Degrees

There are many types of art programs available online. If you love looking at historic paintings and have an appreciation for the Masters, you might choose a program that lets you earn a Bachelor of Art in Art History. A digital film or film production degree lets those interested in creating their own films learn the skills that they need, and other students will enjoy taking courses on video game design and graphic design. You’ll also find online art programs that let you concentrate on animation, illustration, interior design, fashion, painting or photography.

Degree Requirements

Some students think that earning a degree in art online is easier and takes less time than earning a traditional degree. The best online programs follow the same requirements of the programs in your own city or state. A bachelor’s program will often require that you take 120 credit hours or more of classes, which usually includes more than 50 credit hours in general education courses, including math and science. The art classes that you take come with an interactive component. You have the chance to take images and upload your pieces and get feedback from others in your class.

How Long Does an Online Degree Take?

If you think that you can take art classes online and finish your degree in a few short months, think again. These programs require just as much of a commitment as if you took classes on a nearby campus. For an associate’s degree, you’ll spend an average of two years in the program, but if you want to finish a bachelor’s degree, expect to spend at least four years in the program. Many graduate degrees in art require two years of work as well. Taking more or less courses each semester can increase or decrease the amount of time it takes to earn your degree.

Finding a Good Art Program

Finding a good program that lets you earn your degree in art online begins when you look for programs with accreditation. According to the U.S. Department of Education, accreditation comes from leading organizations and only goes to schools that ensure students receive the right amount of care. Accrediting agencies look at the graduation rates, the job placement rates of graduates, the level of quality in the program and even the backgrounds of the professors working for the school. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, Distance Education and Training Council and Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools are a few of the agencies responsible for granting accreditation to online art programs.

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Whether you love sculpting, taking photographs and other forms of art, or you want to study art history or historic preservation, online programs can help you make a career out of your interests. Before you sign up for a program to earn a degree in art online, make sure the program has accreditation.