Can I Get A Degree In Law Online?

Law DegreeWith distance learning becoming more popular than ever, one might wonder if it is possible to obtain a degree in law online. In today’s high-tech, Internet-savvy society, this is a very legitimate question. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different online degree programs that are not only reputable, but accredited.

Is It Possible to Earn a Law Degree By Taking a Distance Learning Program?

While there are reputable law degree programs that are available for online study, it is important to understand that becoming a licensed attorney is not so easy when you have an online degree. Since there are limitations and barriers in state bar licensing that exist, it is important to consider all of the important factors before you enroll in an online degree program majoring in law. The factors that you must consider include the duration of the program, whether or not it is accredited and whether or not you can practice law with your degree.

What is the Duration of an Online Law Degree Program?

The duration of a traditional program is typically around four years if you are studying 48 consecutive weeks. You may be able to earn an online law degree in this same period of time, but some programs take longer to complete. In a traditional program, it is common for students to attend class and then earn a grade based on the score of their final exam. When you are studying online, your grade may depend more on several different tests rather than a single one.

Can You Get Licensed by the State with an Online Law Degree?

A lot of the debate surrounding the legitimacy of an online degree is about state licensing requirements. While every state sets its own unique state bar exam requirements, all states do require candidates who want to sit for the bar to hold a degree from a program that is accredited by the American Bar Association. Unfortunately, for students who want to study online to earn their degree, there are currently no online law degree programs that are ABA-accredited. If you do not plan on practicing law, an online degree can be useful in other areas of the profession, but for those who want to be licensed attorneys, a traditional program is best.

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You can use your online law degree in a number of ways if this is the path that you choose to take. You can practice law in a federal court or get another degree by using your transferable credits so that you can sit for the bar exam.