Can I Get an Executive MBA Online?

Executive MBAMany professionals are wondering whether or not there is an option to get an Executive MBA online. With advancing distance education technologies being used by the most reputable graduate schools, it is no surprise to many that the answer to the question is simply yes. While that is a simple answer, it is important to understand how online and traditional Executive MBA programs differ before you take the leap and enroll. You should know what differentiates an Executive MBA program from a traditional one, how you will study in an online environment, and what your degree can do for you once you graduate from school.

What is an Executive MBA Program?

An Executive MBA program differs from a traditional program, because it caters to students who are already in the mid-stages of their career and want to advance. Because of their career status, EMBA students will need flexible scheduling, and this often means that you will spend less time per week doing classwork so that you can juggle work, life and school when you choose an Executive program. Because these programs are designed to educate leaders, you can build a stronger network of experienced professionals if you choose an EMBA program while you build your management skills and knowledge on strategy.

What You Should Know About Online Executive MBA Programs

While the on-campus Executive MBA program does offer students flexible scheduling options, this does not mean that everyone can manage commuting to and from school after a long week of work. Realizing this, more and more schools are delivering EMBA curriculum online. The main difference between online and traditional programs is that you will be able to study from your home or the office. You will study using online tools, log in through a virtual portal, and communicate with professors and students through messaging or other Blackboard features. The online program still typically has a cohort layout, where you attend class with the same group of students, and you will still learn the same curriculum as you would learn if you sat in a classroom.

What Type of Coursework Will Be Required?

Curriculum varies from school to school, but some of the requirements are the same. The entire purpose of earning an Executive MBA is to become a strategic business leader who has the skills needed to climb the corporate ladder. Some of the coursework that you should expect to take include: Managerial leadership, Professional Ethics, International Business, Managing Technology, Information Systems and Fundamentals of Business. If you would like to work closely with students in person while still studying online, you may also be able to find a program with a business plan competition that requires you to work with students face-to-face near the end of the program.

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According to¬†Business Week, studies show that CEO’s who have an MBA outperform CEO’s without an MBA degree. These studies show why organizations find an advanced degree so important when they are qualifying applicants for upper-level management and executive positions. If you want to move up the ladder and you already have professional experience under your belt, your best option may be an Executive Master of Business Administration program. Make sure you consider the cost of the program and the value you can get once you graduate and then decide whether or not to get an Executive MBA online.