Can I Get a Mathematics Degree Online?

Online Mathematics DegreeWhen deciding whether to get a mathematics degree online, it is important to take several different factors into consideration. Looking at these factors will allow a person to determine whether or not the degree program is even feasible for his or her life and make an appropriate decision.

Where Can I Get a Mathematics Degree Online?

Most online programs that offer mathematics programs online and educationally centered, meaning that they are degrees designed to teach a person how to teach math. This can be helpful because teaching math is has the largest number of job openings for a person who is seeking employment in the field of math. Programs that can be taken online which offer education degrees with a focus in mathematics include Walden University, Nova Southeastern University, the University of Phoenix, and the University of Cincinnati. Walden University and the University of Cincinnati offer programs for those who wish to teach math at an elementary school and middle school level.

Although fewer in number, there are also straight online bachelor’s programs in mathematics. Some universities that offer online mathematics programs include the Applied Mathematics degree from theĀ University of Washington and the Mathematical Sciences degree program from University of Illinois at Springfield.

What’s an Online Mathematics Degree Worth?

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that the average salary for a person with an online mathematics degree is $64,333.80. This means that a person with a bachelor’s degree will make an average of $1,245,499.00 in his or her lifetime.

What is the Time Commitment?

The biggest advantage associated with taking an online course in mathematics is that a person is able to work on his or her own time. This is important because it allows a person to work full-time and still earn a degree, but it makes it difficult to estimate the actual amount of time that a program will take. Most online degree programs require at least 60 credit hours to be earned.

Will a Bachelor’s Degree Online be Enough to Get a Job?

Depending on the job, a bachelor’s degree will be adequate for employment. For example, if a person wishes to work as an math teacher, most states only require that a bachelor’s degree be earned and all of the requirements for certification be met. A bachelor’s degree is usually enough to be hired for a mathematics job in the public sector. However, for most private sector jobs, it is necessary that a person earn a Ph.D in Mathematics.

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Are Scholarships Available?

There is a whole host of financial aid and scholarships available for those looking to earn online degrees. Going to the direct site of the college or university that is offering the degree will usually yield the most information regarding specific loans and options that are available for those looking to take the course. Databases will also have a host of scholarships that people can apply for.

Essentially, not only is it possible to get a mathematics degree online, but it is also easy to find the program that best suits a student’s needs. Looking at all of the options, from educational degrees to degrees in theoretical mathematics, it is possible to make a plan and be successful. Finally, there are a whole host of financial options that make it easier to get a mathematics degree online.