What Types of Science Degrees are Offered Online?

Online coursesThose who wish to pursue a degree in the sciences, but are limited to online study will be happy to know that there are many types of science degrees offered online that allow one to begin working toward a degree in the sciences without having to attend classes in person. Just about any type of science degree that can be acquired through on campus study can also be acquired through online study, according to the US News and World Report.

However, there are some science degree programs that are more common as online programs. Typically, such programs are in fields where there is a high level of demand or toward which there is increasing interest and attention in recent years. For example, health sciences degree programs and degree programs related to sustainability and environmental science are becoming more and more common in the academic world. Online science programs are available at both the undergraduate and the graduate level, and there are also certificate programs and other continuing education opportunities available online in the sciences. Online programs are perfect for individuals who have already begun their career in a scientific field and wish to further their academic studies while still being able to fill their current professional position.

Health Sciences

Since¬†workers in the field of health care are in high demand, there are many online opportunities for study in the health sciences. At the bachelor’s degree level, healthcare students can complete coursework in nursing, public health, public safety, nutrition, human development, psychology, and more. Academic opportunities online are especially abundant and useful at the master’s degree level. Because many of those with undergraduate degrees in the health sciences are already working, there are many graduate level academic programs custom designed for working professionals through availability via the Web.

Environmental Sciences

With growing concern for the environment, more and more jobs are opening up for those with an understanding of complex scientific topics such as ecology, global warming, pollution, and more. It is now possible to complete a variety of different scientific undergraduate degrees related to environmental science online. These programs include study in environmental sustainability, environmental law, sustainable business, environmental policy and management, and more. As many companies are increasingly eager to take advantage of green marketing, there are now many MBA programs offered over the Internet that focus on exploring green business initiatives.

Engineering, Physics, and Other Online Science Degrees

Degrees in academic disciplines related to the sciences other than those in health sciences and environmental science are seen a little less frequently, but they are still available. As engineering is a job in high demand, there is some opportunity for master’s degree level study in areas of engineering such as systems engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and more. Students wishing to work towards a science education degree can often complete coursework or even an entire program online, and some online educational institutions offer online opportunities for pursuing coursework towards a hard science degree such as biology or chemistry.

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There are many different types of science degrees offered online that can work conveniently into the schedule of individuals who wish to further their academic education in the sciences without having to attend classes in person at a college campus.