What are Different Types of MBA Specializations?

MBAThe good news is that there different types of MBA specializations that will satisfy every student’s interest. Traditional specializations include finance and consulting; highly exclusive specializations include strategic planning and corporate social responsibility. Keep reading to learn about the most popular types of MBA specializations.


An MBA concentration in leadership will provide students with the skills necessary to excel as business executives. Most programs consider leadership development skills to be the central principle of leadership MBA programs. The goal of these programs is to transform the promising students of today into the future’s visionary leaders. For example, many leadership MBA programs teach cross-functional approaches to key business functions. This will include advanced courses that delve into finance, strategy, marketing and operations management. One of the benefits of an MBA program specializing in leadership is that students will learn about the global importance of diversity and cross-culture knowledge. Most importantly, students will experience improvements in their own leadership efficiency and decision-making skills. Many of these programs allow students to select a challenging project and work one-on-one with a mentor to help finalize their case study. However, there are many more different types of MBA specializations available for students.

Operations Management

An MBA specialization in operations management examines production and operations. That is, the fundamental functions of service operations and production manufacturing. For instance, students may study operation design-related activities and the associated strategic planning and control measurements. Service operations management coursework will teach students how to effectively design and oversee service organizations. Students will discover how to create sustainable service strategies, productively leverage data analytics and execute service models that satisfy customers. Naturally, students will learn about quality control techniques and quality management systems. Students will learn how to use strategic planning, innovative solutions and measurement tools to properly build and sustain a commercial enterprise. This will involve studying the challenges of evaluating and adjusting existing business programs. Any student interested in becoming a global supply chain manager should join an operations management MBA program. An MBA specialization in operations management is selected by students pursuing a management career in logistics, engineering and manufacturing.

Information or Technology Management

A fast-growing global company will need highly accurate, accessible and organized information in order to stay ahead of the competition. Never before has there been such a strong demand for business leaders with advanced technical skills. To illustrate, business experts agree that companies must keep up with the fast-paced growth of social media and networking technology in order to stay connected and engaged with consumers. Sample coursework will explore how digital innovations are transforming virtual and physical markets. Students will learn how to create and execute digital innovation initiatives and strategies that will benefit sales, marketing and advertising departments. Students will also study the social, economic and commercial factors that are driving the current technology revolution. As a result, students will be able to identify conflicts between existing business models and novel digital and online business model platforms. Therefore, students with a background in IT, computers and engineering are encouraged to apply for information or technology management MBA specializations.

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Clearly, students should research the different types of MBA specializations in order to find the right one for their future managerial career, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, there are many types of MBA specializations that will satisfy every type of academic preference.