What are the Advantages of Online Learning?

As you look at the advantages of online learning, you’ll come across people talking about how these classes cost less and are more flexible than traditional learning opportunities. You can even save on other costs like textbooks because many of the materials you use are available online and on transportation costs because you take classes from home. Going to school online comes with some other benefits and advantages you should look at before enrolling.

Study Where You Want

Online learning programs give you the chance to study wherever and whenever you want. If you work a standard 40-hour week, you can do your homework while on a lunch break, over the coming weekend or even before climbing into bed. Stay at home parents can find time to do their work while the kids are asleep or at school. You also have the freedom to wear whatever you want to class. Instead of heading to class right after a long shift, you can head home, put on your pajamas and do some schoolwork as you watch your favorite show or listen to the radio.

More Communications Options

When you attend traditional classes, you have limited ways to communicate with those around you. If you need to ask your teacher a question, you either need to wait until after class or schedule a visit during office hours. One of the key advantages of online learning is that it gives you more communications options. You can send an email to the address listed on the syllabus, or you can send an email to the in-box on the class site. Some professors will also provide students with a home, office or even cell phone number. You can also post on the site with questions you have.

Improved Networking

If you’re a shy person, you probably have a hard time speaking up in class. This can make it difficult for you to find study partners and lead to lower grades because your professors feel like you do not participate enough. With online classes, you have better opportunities for networking with your students. Instead of raising your hand and talking, you can write thoughtful comments to post on the class discussion board. You’ll also have more time to think about what you want to say and how you want to phrase your comments. Most online classes require that you respond to at least one discussion question each week and comment on what others write.

Better Retention

Another benefit to online learning is that it might lead to better retention of the knowledge presented to you. According to Lila Romero of U.S. News & World Report, you’ll have access to more than just lectures and textbooks. These classes use charts, graphs and videos to show information to students. You may even have access to online articles and other materials that can enhance your learning. Romero points out that these multimedia tools can form better connections in your mind and help you retain that knowledge.

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In addition to benefits like helping you save on tuition costs and giving you more flexibility, online learning comes with some other great benefits too. Some of the biggest advantages of online learning include helping you better retain the materials you cover, improving your networking opportunities and letting you study whenever and wherever you want.