What Type of Associate Degrees are Offered Online?

While you often need a bachelor’s degree to work in some fields, you may find that the types of associate degrees that are offered online prepare you for working in other professions. Earning an associate’s degree online gives you the option of seeking employment or enrolling in a program that lets you earn a bachelor’s degree. Spending two or more years taking classes online to earn an associate’s degree can help you save money too.

Types of Degrees

The term associate’s degree refers to the lowest level college program. While some students think that all of these degrees are the same, there are actually three different types of associate’s degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science. In addition to the types of associate degrees that are offered online, you also want to look at the type of subjects you can study. You might have an interest in earning an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice or an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management.

What You Can Study

The types of degrees you can earn refer to the actual type you receive such as an AA or an AAS degree. Colleges give you the right to select the subject you want to study, which some call your concentration. Just as you would declare a major in a traditional four year college, you need to choose a major when studying at a vocational school or community college. These programs, which most complete in two years, require that students take specialized courses within their majors and general ed courses too. General ed courses often include communications, English, math and science. Subjects you can major in when studying online include nursing, business, computer science, engineering and psychology.

Choosing a Good Online College

Choosing an online college is often difficult because you need to look at the courses offered, the requirements to graduate and the cost of the program too. U.S. News & World Report recommends that you look at the type of support available and the accreditation of the college. Accreditation should come from a regional organization or agency, but you may want to find out if the program you want to study has its own accreditation. Sheehy recommends looking for colleges that offer support services that help you connect with professors and other students.

Avoid Scam Colleges

After looking at the types of associate degrees that are offered online, you might feel confident enough to select a college and enroll. Before enrolling though, make sure you know which signs indicate an online college is a scam. These schools charge high fees and lack accreditation. Many scam schools now charge a flat rate, which lets you pay one rate to cover all your courses, textbooks and any materials you might need too. Reputable schools charge based on the number of credit or semester hours you take. Many of the top colleges, including community colleges and vocational schools, in the nation now offer online programs.

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Online colleges now offer associate degree programs for those who want to study topics ranging from criminal justice to business without going through a bachelor’s degree programs. The types of associate degrees that are offered online include the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science.