What Types of Education Degrees Can You Get Online?

Online degreesGetting a degree online can seem like a daunting challenge when faced with so many possibilities. It can sometimes be difficult to sort through all of the various colleges and universities to find the best one suited to you and find the perfect degree to get you where you want to go. In today’s world your choices are almost limitless, including business administration, marketing, education, computer science, and health administration.

Types of Bachelor’s Degrees Offered

A bachelor’s degree ┬áis considered the first step in higher education. It generally takes four years to acquire and usually consist of multiple courses offering a more generalized education. Most online schools offer similar programs based on the degree type. The most popular degrees in 2015 would include business administration, human resources, graphic design, accounting, education, information systems management, marketing, web design and development, medical assistant, health administration, engineering, paralegal, and electronic and computer technology. Within each of these degrees there will be some room for the student to specialize, but most of the degrees will have the same core course requirements. An example of a degree that will offer this opportunity is an engineering degree. You will have the opportunity to specialize in civil, electrical, chemical or general construction field. It is important to thoroughly research each degree and your job requirements once you have completed the degree before committing.

Types of Master’s Degrees Offered

If you have graduated with a bachelor’s degree and wish to specialize in your particular field, the next step would be to pursue a master’s degree. It is generally a two year program requiring classes only in your chosen field. Most people chose to pursue a master’s degree for the purpose of receiving a higher salary, but you also have the option of choosing a different field and using the master’s to change careers. It is not a requirement to get a master’s degree in the same field of your bachelor’s.
Like bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees are offered in a wide variety of fields. The most popular are business administration, finance, human resources, marketing, project management, computer security, information systems, health administration, education, medical informatics, nursing education, nursing administration, civil engineering, accounting, and web design, according to US News and World Report.

Deciding if you would like to pursue a master’s degree can be intimidating and full of anxiety, but with so many options available online, the process can become pretty easy. Realizing that within each degree there are also several specialized fields can help to make your decision easier.

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Considering Your Options

There are several options to consider when choosing an online university. It is important to consider all option and to understand that an online degrees will vary both in cost and value. Searching several universities and their requirements will ensure that you will receive the education you desire.