What Types of Information Technology Degrees are Offered Online?

The types of information technology degrees offered online include every possible field and specialization. There are endless options for finding the right IT degree concentration online because these programs do not require direct supervision or classroom lectures. Instead, they cater to independent and self-motivated students who are probably already amateur ethical hackers, web designers, computer programmers and repair technicians.

Information Security

Information Security is one of the most popular specializations because all industries and organizations must be able to keep information secure throughout all digital systems, devices and platforms. Some of the most popular employers include in government, health care, private business and law enforcement. This degree specialization enables graduates to protect data, manage networks, establish protocols and develop secure communications. Common classes include network defense, cryptology analysis, security planning, information assurance, malware techniques, virus models and enterprise-level security. Most of these degrees prepare students for standard certification exams, such as the CompTIA Security+.

Web Design

A web design concentration is a popular for IT students because of the growing demand for qualified professionals in this field. Web design processionals must understand website design, scripting, management and interface design.

These degrees may either be referred to as a web design or development major. Students learn the knowledge and understanding needed to deploy modern websites, maintain web applications and utilize industry-standard tools. Students may be trained in web stack frameworks, client-side communication, server-side languages and non-relational database structures. These degrees focus on building student portfolios that will be used when hunting for jobs.

Gaming Development

A gaming design or development degree is for students who want to create tablet, smart phone, computer and video game programs and applications. Classes in this degree specialization could include artificial intelligence, multiplayer gaming, virtual environments, software engineering, object oriented systems design and mobile application development. Students will learn the step-by-step processes that teams of graphic designers, engine builders, art directors and software programs complete the entire game development cycle. Assignments may require students to create simple games to strengthen design and programming skills. Workshops may teach students how to create programming code for 3D graphic displays and artificially intelligent opponents.

Health Care Informatics

Health care informatics is a relatively new academic field, but the health care industry continues to offer the most job and career opportunities. The health care world needs new technology and data management to accomplish the daily tasks of every type of health care professional. Health care informatics students learn about electronic medical records, medical procedures technology, medical equipment production and health care industry trends. Courses in this degree concentration will likely include classes in big data, business analysis, database management, statistical math, data warehouse and enterprise-wide health information management systems.

Computer Networking

The IT world still relies on traditional, physical networks and associated servers and operating systems. Students in this degree program learn about the different types of LANs, WANs, networks and intranets. Students take classes in network security, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting. Graduates are prepared for future roles as IT network technology professionals. Students also learn about wireless networks, cloud technology, mobile compatibility and server troubleshooting. Most degrees prepare students for national certification exams, such as the CompTIA Network+ and Testout Network Pro tests.

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The types of Information Technology degrees offered online also include IT Project Management. This degree prepares students to become IT managers who supervise short-term projects. Students learn how to develop project strategies, assign tasks, evaluate infrastructure and maintain competitive advantages.