Why Do College Graduation Rates Matter When Looking at Colleges?

When trying to pick a college before leaving high school behind, you might wonder why college graduation rates matter when looking at colleges. Some people will tell you that these rates don’t matter and that you should instead focus on things like the activities you can do and what the program you want to study looks like. Checking out the number of students who actually completed their degrees though can tell you quite a bit about those schools.

Shows Education Quality

One reason to look at this rate is because it shows you the quality of the education that you will receive. Have you ever sat down to watch a movie with friends and found that it was so bad you couldn’t even finish it? A low graduation rate is similar. This rate shows you the number of students who decided to drop out or transfer to another college without finishing their degrees at that school. Students who feel like they are not learning and not getting the most out of their education at the school they chose will leave without finishing.

Gives You a Plan

Another reason why college graduation rates matter when looking at colleges is because it gives you a plan for the future. It’s important that you look at the graduation rates both in terms of the success rate and how long it took students to finish. Most bachelor’s programs take four years to finish, though some may take up to five years. When you see schools with a graduation rate in the three-year range, you’ll know that students have an easier time and can finish their studies faster. A program with a completion range of five or even six years shows you that the program was harder and that you need to commit more of your own time when you enroll.

How Students Feel

A great way to get a look at how students feel about different college and university campuses is with a look at the graduation rates. Those rates tell you exactly how many students started at the beginning of the year and how many graduated at the end of their studies. Some schools will give you more information such as the number of students who transferred to other campuses and the number who changed majors later. That information helps you see how students felt about the college and their programs of study.

Better Fit

Looking at these rates can also help you determine if the college is a good fit for you or if there is a better fit out there. According to The Washington Post, students often choose colleges based on tuition costs rather than looking at the bigger picture such as the opportunities that some more expensive schools offer and the larger financial aid packages awarded by those schools. You can often view demographics like the number of students from your economic background and city that graduated from different schools to see which one is the best fit for a student like you.

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You will probably look at a number of factors before picking a college, and the graduation rate is one you should definitely consider. Finding a good fit and learning how others felt are just two reasons why college graduation rates matter when looking at colleges.