About Cheap Online Degrees

Cheap Online Degrees is your resource for locating affordable, flexible continuing education and degree programs that can help you advance professionally. Data indicates that college degrees significantly increase an individual’s earnings potential, but the cost of higher education can make it difficult for many to complete the required classes and programs. Furthermore, non-traditional students who need to work and care for a family often find it difficult to fit classes into their busy schedules. Online education helps to accommodate those with these concerns and alleviate many of the hassles of traditional in-classroom education.

If you’ve been considering a college degree but haven’t found the time or motivation yet to pursue higher education, consider these statistics from the second quarter of 2014:

  • The median weekly earning for all Americans was $831.
  • The median weekly earning for high school graduates with no college credits was $666.
  • The median weekly earning for adults with some college was $757.
  • The median weekly earning for those with a bachelor’s degree was $1,098.
  • The median weekly earning for those with an advanced degree was $1,377.

Clearly, in today’s job market, it pays to be educated. Cheap Online Degrees is committed to making education possible for you. We have links and articles containing information on the earnings potential for a variety of career fields. We also have information about the most affordable online degree programs available. Our extensive database also includes information about how to make higher education work for you and how to choose a degree program that will improve your financial situation rather than deplete your bank account.

Take the time to peruse the information available here. If you have questions or wish to learn more, feel free to contact us.