Can I Get a Teaching Degree Online?

teacherOne of the basic needs of any modern society, the education sector is expected to continue to grow in the future. As the demand for certified teachers increases along with the increasing availability of online degree options, more and more schools are offering students the opportunity to earn a teaching degree online. Not only can earning a teaching degree online be a useful option for students who are unable to to travel to a physical campus due to location or other constraints, but working professionals who wish to transition to a new career or earn an advanced degree that will help them grow in their existing career may prefer online teaching programs over attending classes on campus.

Undergraduate Programs

Students who are new to the education field and require a bachelors degree will find that many traditional universities and institutions offer four year degrees in education. An online bachelors program in education is often an attractive option for nontraditional students who work full time and are unable to attend classes on campus during regular daytime hours. Students typically interact with a professor and their classmates via email and internet discussion boards. Exams are usually administered online, and assignments typically must be submitted by a given deadline via email. Like the traditional bachelors in education, the online degree provides a foundation for students who wish to work with students in the future. In many cases, students may choose to focus on gaining the skills to teach a certain age group.

Teaching Certifications

Professionals who have earned a bachelors degree and are already working in the education field may wish to upgrade their credentials by obtaining an online certification. Certifications are available in a variety of areas including teaching gifted students as well as teaching English as a Second Language classes. Some school districts may also allow prospective teachers to earn their initial certification online. Prospective teachers should consult the school district in which they wish to teach to determine exact certification requirements.

Masters Degree

Current teachers who wish to apply for higher-ranking positions or to become school counselors often pursue a masters degree online. The online format allows teachers to earn an advanced degree without the concerns of relocating, finding a new job, and leaving their position for one year or more to upgrade their educational achievements. As an added bonus, more and more prestigious colleges and universities are offering the option of online distance learning. In many cases, students may save money, continue to reside in their current location, and still earn a degree from a highly respected institution that may be located in a different city or state.

While there are many options for earning a teaching degree or certification online, prospective students must conduct thorough research to ensure their program of choice will meet the requirements of the employer for which they would like to work in the future. For new entrants as well as seasoned professionals in the education field, pursuing a degree online is a viable, economical, and efficient choice that can lead to career advancement.