Can You Get a Degree in Hospitality Online?

HospitalityIf you would like to get a degree in hospitality online, there are several different distance education programs that you can choose from. One of the great things about the latest distance education programs is that you can study from the comforts of your own home without compromising for low-quality content. If you are currently working in hospitality and want to advance your career, or you simply want to begin a new career in this fast-paced and fun industry, you can study while you are employed or taking care of familial obligations.

The newest platforms allow you to watch lectures, complete examinations, read through textbooks, chat with classmates, ask the professor questions and have class discussions all from a computer with Internet access. This is why distance education is becoming increasingly popular with college students who want an easier work-life-school balance. Read on, and learn more about the types of hospitality degrees that you can earn online and how to choose the best school.

Types of Hospitality Degrees That You Can Earn Online

You can earn virtually any type of professional degree online if you can find an accredited program. If your goal is to work in one of the many areas of hospitality, you will need to choose an appropriate degree program that has course content that caters to the field. Depending on your level of education, you can apply to study for an associate’s, a bachelor’s and even an advanced master’s degree or MBA program in an area of hospitality management, according to Business Majors.

Some choose to earn a general degree majoring in hospitality management, and others want a more specialized degree that focuses on a smaller sliver of the industry in detail. Some of the various majors or concentrations that you can study online at any level include:

  • Hotel & Lodging Management
  • Event Planning
  • Restaurant Management
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Casino Management
  • Travel & Tourism Management
  • Human Resources Management

Earning a general associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality management will prepare you for several roles, but it is important to go with a more specialized graduate or business degree if you want to climb up the ladder and become a specialist.

How To Choose the Right Hospitality Degree Program

It would be a huge mistake to assume that any associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s program that is delivered online is credible. While a majority of programs that are advertised and offered by online schools or universities with distance education options are credible, there are still schools that you want to stay away from. You should always verify that a program has a regional accreditation and also a specialized accreditation from a reputable third-party committee in the field.

If you want to avoid the diploma mills that grant degrees that really are not useful for professional purposes, you can find a list of schools that are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs In Hospitality Administration so that you know which programs have been evaluated and approved.

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Hospitality can be a very fun and unique industry to work in. If you want to work in the largest business activity in the world, hospitality management is the industry for you. While you can dive into the industry with no experience and no degree, landing a mid-to-upper level title is much more likely when you get a degree in hospitality online.