Can You Get a Degree in Software Engineering Online?

Those who want to get a degree in software engineering online will be glad to know that the job growth for this position is expected to grow at 17 percent, which is much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even better, there are many accredited software engineering degrees available through distance education programs.

Choose a Degree Type

Software engineers aren’t all the same, because they perform many tasks within numerous specialty niches. Software engineering degrees are generally divided between applications software and systems software engineering. Software engineers who specialize in computer applications will analyze the needs of users and businesses in order to focus on design issues. They construct a variety of computer applications software, such as photograph editors, anti-virus programs and operating systems. On the other hand, systems software engineers oversee the development, maintenance and expansion of entire computer systems. A newly separate branch of software engineering has emerged for mobile apps. They design, test and evaluate apps for different OS platforms.

Online Undergraduate Degrees

One common degree that can be earned online is the Bachelor of Science in Software Systems Engineering. The core education of this software development degree program comprises of coursework in topics like networking fundamentals, spreadsheet applications and popular operating systems. Many programs encourage students to select a specialization area of software systems engineering that focuses on common programming languages, such as C+, JAVA and Visual Basic. Students will likely take classes in the fundamentals of database systems, website development, programming logic and computer security. Other classes will introduce client/server environments, Information Technology Architectures and structured query language within data management.

Online Graduate Degrees

When possible, software engineers should always consider a master’s degree to improve their marketability and job skills. Master’s programs, whether online or on-campus, will have higher admissions requirements. They generally expect at least two years’ experience working in a software development position, or at least hands-on experience working on significant projects. Certain graduate degree programs accept corporate sponsors for meeting the admission criteria. Candidates must have undergraduate knowledge of algorithms, mathematics, data structures and programming languages. They must have demonstrable skills in programming block-structured or object-oriented languages such as C++, or Ada. The curriculum will include classes on design methodologies, analysis of software artifacts, architectures for software systems and project management for software development purposes.

Future Job

Entry-level software engineers work as members of software development teams that coordinate and test program components, which include internal libraries, transfer suite and user interface components. They work with senior engineers to develop software that exceeds market standards and customer expectations with regard to reliability, performance and functionality. Software engineers design and implement projects throughout all phases of the software development life cycle. They develop and maintain automated unit and system tests, while also deploying various programs to assist with big data transfers between the Cloud. Software engineers are expected to be enthusiastic about learning new skills and technologies and also be capable of working collaboratively and managing time well.

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A degree in software engineering online can be obtained from any number of accredited higher learning organizations that offer distance education programs. When inquiring with colleges about online software engineering programs, students should query if the target program offers internship opportunities with local companies.