Can You Get a Homeland Security Degree Online?

The Department of Homeland Security hires workers every year to patrol borders and do other tasks, but you may want to look at how you can get a Homeland Security degree online before you start applying for jobs. Also known as the DHS, this government agency is responsible for stopping terrorist threats and protecting citizens. While you can get a degree in Homeland Security offline, some schools now offer an online option too.

Types of Classes

An online Homeland Security degree program will let you earn a bachelor’s degree after finishing around 120 credit hours of work. Some of the classes you take focus on terrorism psychology and why terrorists behave in certain ways. You will also take classes on law enforcement procedures to learn what you can and cannot do on the job. Many colleges also require that Homeland Security students take classes on border security, information technology, emergency management and disaster planning. You may even have the option of minoring in emergency management.

How Long Does the Program Take?

Whether you decide to get a Homeland Security degree online or off, it will still take the same amount of time. A full-time student who takes 12 to 15 credit hours or more of courses every semester can usually finish a bachelor’s degree in this field in four years. If you sign up to take classes during the summer sessions, you may graduate in around three years. The amount of time it takes part-time students to finish depends on how many classes they take. Keep in mind that some colleges may limit the amount of time you can remain enrolled in online classes without graduating.

Why Enroll in a Homeland Security Program?

Thousands of people apply for jobs available with the Department of Homeland Security every year. In addition to passing a criminal background check and going through various interviews and tests, you will also need a college degree. While the DHS may look at applicants who have a degree in psychology, a foreign language or another field, interviewers often give preference to those who have a Homeland Security degree. This shows that you have knowledge of how the agency operates and what it does daily, which may mean that you need less training than other applicants need. A Homeland Security degree gives you a look at some of the jobs available within that department too.

Types of Jobs with DHS

The Department of Homeland Security divides its job postings into several different categories. Immigration and customs enforcement include jobs investigating illegal immigrants and finding immigrants who pose a threat to the country. When you get a Homeland Security degree online, you may dream of working in customs and border patrol. These officers work at airports and other entry points and do checks on people entering the United States. Other jobs available in the DHS include positions in transportation security, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the United States Secret Service.

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Working for the Department of Homeland Security can be a rewarding and worthwhile career, but many of the jobs available require a college degree. When you want to finish your degree on your own time without driving to a college campus every week, you can get a Homeland Security degree online.