What Degrees are Easiest To Get Online?

Online DegreeIf you want to get a college degree but don’t have the time to go to classes multiple times each week, you might want to consider degrees easiest to get online. There are many choices available, but some popular options include computer science, business, criminal justice and general studies.

Computer Science

Out of all the degrees easiest to get online, this one makes the most sense. After all, even if you go to a regular school, you’ll still be staring at a computer screen most of the time. It might actually be beneficial for you to take computer science or related classes online – professionals in the technology field often work remotely, so you might as well get used to it. Since the world is becoming more and more reliant on computers, you won’t have to worry too much about finding a job, and you’ll get paid well. The average salary for someone who works with computers can be twice as much as somebody that decides to work in “soft sciences”.


While you can work for somebody else after getting a degree in business, many graduates decide to become entrepreneurs. Why wait until you’re done with school, though? By taking courses online, you’ll have a pretty flexible schedule, and you won’t have a commute, so you’ll save a lot of time. With this time, you can start your business venture while you’re still in school. By the time you have your degree, you may already have a successful business. Working for yourself means that you can set your own hours, and your income potential is only limited by your imagination.

Criminal Justice

Out of all of the degrees easiest to get online, criminal justice programs are the most popular, according to Arizona State University.┬áTake your courses online so that you have more time available to gain experience from a part-time job or volunteer position. This degree could help you with your goal of becoming a police officer, or it could be your first step in your law career. You could go the cyber-security route if you like working with computers, choose to rehabilitate criminals who are serving time in jail or decide to work with teenagers in juvenile detention facilities. Most courses in criminal justice degree programs are theoretical in nature, so even though it may seem like a fairly specialized degree, it’s still easy to take your courses online.

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General Studies

If you’re interested in multiple things or are looking into a career that doesn’t require a specialized degree, you may be interested in general studies. General studies is included in the list of degrees easiest to get online, because it’s so flexible. After taking care of your general education requirements, you can choose to take classes in almost any subject that you’re interested in. If you’re thinking about taking a course and find out that it’s not offered online, it won’t be a problem, because you just choose another interesting class that’s available for distance students.

If you look hard enough, you’re bound to find a school that offers online classes for your chosen degree program. If you’re still making up your mind, though, one of these degrees easiest to get online might be your best bet.