Can You Get a Health Policy Degree Online?

Health Policy DegreeFinishing your college degree might be a little easier than you think after you look at how to get a health policy degree online. Many of these programs are graduate degree programs that are open to students with an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration or a similar field. As a full-time student, you can earn your degree in two years or less, and as a part-time student, you might spend an additional year or two in the program. Completing your degree lets you work in hospitals, treatment centers and other medical settings.

What is a Health Policy Degree?

A health policy degree is a degree program that looks at the behind the scenes world of the medical field. Students later work as healthcare administrators, policy advocates and in positions for the state or federal government. A large component of the program is a public health section, which looks at how diseases spread across the country and how people can help those in their communities better understand the importance of staying healthy. Some colleges will let you earn a dual degree in health policy and economics, public policy, leadership or another field.

Why Take Courses Online?

When you get a health policy degree online, you have more free time that you can spend with your family, at work or on your volunteer efforts. Some of the newer programs have a residency requirement that asks you to visit the campus and take courses over a long weekend or a few weeks before finishing the rest of your studies online, and some programs ask you to attend a residency session every year. Many students find that they can work full-time jobs, have time for their personal lives and still have time to finish their assignments and coursework.

Types of Health Policy Courses

The types of health policy courses that you take depends on the program. Many online programs now ask that students take a short introductory course that teaches them how to use the online system, submit assignments and get in touch with professors and other students. After that introductory class, you can sign up for other courses relating to health policy, including epidemiology, statistical methods, the healthcare system in America and health, law and policy. Some programs also require that students complete a field placement, which lets you work in the health policy field in your area. Programs that do not have field placement requirement typically require that students complete a thesis.

Avoid Scam Programs

Before you decide to get a health policy degree online, you need to look at a number of factors to determine if the school is a scam or a diploma mill. The Federal Trade Commission lists the warning signs of a diploma mill as any school that offers course credit for work experience, accelerated programs that let students complete degrees in a fraction of the normal time and schools that charge one rate for all your courses, books and materials. A good school will have regional or national accreditation and use the same requirements found in offline schools.

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With a health policy degree, you can push for changes in the healthcare system, work as a hospital administrator or work in the public health arena. To get a health policy degree online, you need to find a good school that has accreditation.