How Long Does it Take to Get an MBA Online?

An MBA can qualify you for new job opportunities or help you advance with your current employer. If you have always had a goal to earn your MBA in a specific field, you may have been delaying this process because you simply do not have time to work, commute to school, and fulfill all of your other obligations in life. With the growing popularity of distance education programs and the growing number of online colleges popping up around the nation, it has never been more convenient to earn your MBA. As long as you are dedicated to your schooling and you take the time to manage your time wisely, you can earn your Master of Business Administration in a specialty concentration. If you are wondering how long you will need to commit to an online MBA program, read this basic guide and learn everything you need to know.

Online Programs Offered by Traditional Schools

There is a difference between a distance education institution and a traditional school offering the option to complete MBA study online. Understanding this will help you distinguish between different options as far as duration is concerned. Online cohort programs that are offered by traditional schools are guided, and you will complete designated courses with a group of other students within the cohort each semester. If you are enrolled in an online degree program online that is available through a traditional school, you should expect to spend at least 2 years earning your degree if you are attending full-time. Just because you do not have to attend school on campus does not mean you will not be a full-time student.

Accelerated Programs for Students Who Want to Earn Their Degree Faster

If you want to earn your degree faster, there is a chance that you can find online MBA programs that are accelerated. Accelerated study generally requires covering topics at a faster pace, but if you are the type who can keep up this is a great option. An accelerated online MBA program will generally take 12 to 18 months to complete, depending on the school that you choose. To attend these types of programs, you may be required to have a high GPA in undergraduate school, and a high GMAT test score. There may also be work experience requirements in the field in which your specialty lies, but not all schools have strict professional requirements. You should review all of the requirements, both academic and professional, to determine whether or not you qualify to enroll in an accelerated MBA program before you start mapping out a timeline.

An MBA could be what you need to take your career to new heights. There are online degree programs that are respected just as highly as traditional programs. Take your time to compare all of the schedules, the prerequisites, and the costs, so that you can choose the right program for you. Once you earn your MBA, start scouting new job opportunities so that you can increase your salary. Considering the fact that the average MBA graduate earns 35% more than those without a degree, you can see that the payback is worth the time investment.