Can You Get A Master of Education Online?

Online Master's in EducationCompleting a Master of Education online degree is often the preferred option for completing an advanced degree to qualify for advancement or entry into many positions throughout the field of education. Whether working toward meeting the qualifications for classroom teaching or administration from the elementary to the post-secondary levels, an online degree program at the graduate level helps to build the skills and knowledge to be successful.

Master of Education Online Curriculum

Many programs online for a Master of Education are designed to prepare future teachers and prospective educators for classroom instruction. The course work for these programs is diverse, designed to give future classroom teachers the background and foundation in a number of areas to handle all types of classroom activities and situations. Courses are likely to include fundamentals of assessment, diverse populations in a classroom, psychology of learning, special needs accommodations, philosophy of education, and various methods courses for delivery of instructional materials.

Completion of student teaching is also required for any future educator pursuing a Master of Education degree for elementary or secondary education. This is often required by individual states in order to maintain certification for teaching. Additional information on the requirements to become a classroom teacher by state can be found at the U.S. Department of Education website.

Online Master of Education Specializations

In addition to online graduate degree programs that prepare future educators for working in a classroom, there are a number of other options for completing a curriculum that is designed for other areas in the education field. Common programs include curriculum design, instructional technology, administration, educational leadership, literacy, and special education specializations.

Course work in these programs can be similar to those in classroom master of education programs, but additional classwork is also often included to prepare specifically for those areas. Additional courses might include school and community relations, budgeting in education, literacy development in children and adolescents, content area curriculum development, mentoring and supervision, techniques of principal leadership, delivery of eLearning, and learners with special needs.

Career Paths for Master of Education Online Graduates

In most states, continuing education is required for teachers to maintain certification and stay in a classroom. A Master of Education online program is often the ideal option to continue to teach students. In addition to classroom teachers, graduates of an online program in education at the graduate level have a number of other possibilities to consider.

Within an elementary to secondary school district, graduates might consider positions in the administration, such as principal or superintendent, in addition to careers as curriculum developers, directors of instructional technology, head teachers, and director of special education programs. In post-secondary education, a Master of Education degree can qualify candidates for positions in counseling, classroom teaching, division chairs, and department deans. Graduates might also consider positions outside of an educational institution and pursue positions in publishing firms, social services organizations, recreational programs, or government agencies.

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A graduate degree in education is often the preferred or required education qualification for many positions throughout a school district or collegiate level institution. With a Master of Education online degree completed, education professionals are ready to advance in current positions or seek other areas of education to fulfill career goals.