Can I Get A Nursing Bachelor’s Degree Online?

online nursing degreeGetting an online nursing bachelor’s degree is easier than ever before. As more students found that the cost of taking classes at a local college was outside of their means, more colleges started offering those same classes online. You can now earn a degree that lets you study a combination of practical medical courses and general education courses from your own home. You don’t need to drive to a nearby campus, sacrifice time with your family or cut back on your hours at work to finish your degree.

Online Classes

While some nurses finish a two-year degree program, many nurses find that they can increase their earnings when they finish a four-year program. Registered nurses can make as much as $60,000 a year or more, and with a bachelor’s degree, you also qualify for other positions in the medical field. When you finish an online nursing bachelor’s degree, you’ll take a number of science and math courses, including statistics classes and chemistry courses. Many programs also require that students take introductory and beginner courses in psychology, social work and other topics.

Benefits of Online Programs

There are a number of benefits associated with completing an online nursing bachelor’s degree. Many students finish a two-year program and work as a nurse before going back to school. You can continue working as a nurse in a local hospital or doctor’s office and still have time for your courses. Online courses let you complete your studies whenever you have time. You might finish your assignments when you get home from work, before you leave for work, on your days off and even on the weekends. An accredited program will teach you everything that you need to know to pass your board exam and work in the medical field.

Transferring Credits

Did you know that you can transfer your online credits to a traditional school in your area? This is a great way to save money on your degree. Online courses are often much less expensive than offline courses, and you have the option of finishing half of your studies or more before transferring to a nearby school. As long as your school has accreditation from a governing body, you shouldn’t have a problem transferring your credits.

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Beware of Diploma Mills

Before you enroll in an online nursing program, make sure that the school isn’t just another diploma mill. According to the U.S. Department of Education, diploma mills are schools that give a student a degree even if that student does little work. You might come across a few schools that charge you one low rate for the entire nursing program instead of charging separate fees for each class. Diploma mills will also let you earn your degree faster than a traditional school does, and some schools will give students a large amount of credits for work they did in the past. Always check that your school has accreditation before you enroll.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now complete a college degree from home and as you keep working your regular job. Before enrolling in a new program, make sure that the school has accreditation from a regulating body and that it isn’t a diploma mill. A good school will let you complete an online nursing bachelor’s degree before or after you start your nursing career.