Can You Get a Sociology Degree Online?

Sociology degreeSociology, the study of social behavior, is a popular major for undergraduates, and a potential student may wonder if he or she can get a sociology degree online. In 2009, more than 25,000 individuals graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, according to the Huffington Post. While many of these students took the majority of their courses in a classroom, others took distance classes from home.

Online Colleges

If you want to get a sociology degree online, searching for online colleges is probably one of the first things that you’ll do. Sociology is a fairly common degree, but not all schools have it, so make sure to check each university’s list of majors before you set your heart on any particular school. Accreditation is another important thing to check. If you graduate from an unaccredited school, you may have trouble finding a job. Also, unaccredited institutions usually don’t qualify for most types of financial aid. To find out more about federal student aid, visit the Federal Student Aid website. As long as an online school is recognized from a regional accreditation agency, there’s a very good chance that the college will be able to accept federal aid.

Brick and Mortar Schools

Your local state college might actually have a distance degree option. While it might seem a little odd to get a sociology degree online from a school that’s just an hour away, it’s not necessarily a bad idea. Having a school that’s close means that you’ll be able to go see your guidance counselor or talk to someone about financial aid in person instead of through email or over the phone. Since most schools don’t differentiate between online and traditional courses, future employers won’t know that you took most of your classes online. While you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble with getting a job with your online degree, some students are uncomfortable with the idea of going to a school that doesn’t have a physical campus. Don’t limit yourself to just your local university though, consider schools from all over the United States. If you did well in high school, keep in mind that you may have more luck with merit scholarships if you apply to a state university or private college with a physical campus.

Traveling to Campus

Whether you go to a completely online school or apply as a distance learner through a brick and mortar university, there may be times when you just can’t do everything online. For instance, even though you may be able to complete your sociology degree online, you might have to travel to campus or your nearest testing center to take proctored exams. If you go to a school with a physical campus, you also might have to attend orientation before you start taking classes; however, many schools will waive this requirement if you don’t live near campus. Since this varies by school, contact an admissions representative before you enroll if traveling to campus occasionally is a concern for you.

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With work and family responsibilities, it can be hard to make a commitment to furthering your education. Thankfully, online courses make it a little easier to manage. Getting a sociology degree online is a great idea if you’re a motivated student and want a flexible schedule.