How Can You Specialize a Nursing Degree Online?

Online Nursing DegreeDo you want to learn how to specialize a nursing degree online? If you are currently an RN or you are working towards becoming one, it is important to learn about the specialities that exist and what it takes to earn their specialities early on. Mapping out the route that you will take as you are working a busy nursing schedule can help you aspire to become a specialist while still enjoying your life and your family. Many nursing students and professionals who are trying to advance their careers with certifications and advanced degrees are contemplating the thought of attending school online. Read on, and learn how you can specialize your degree while you attend school from home.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a nursing specialist who can legally diagnose and treat certain illnesses and medical conditions without working under the supervision of a physician. Many nurse practitioners will have their own practices where they can diagnose, treat and also prescribe medications for ailments. If you want to work independently as a specialist in the field of nursing, you may want to consider becoming a Nurse Practitioner. If you are too busy to attend a traditional program, there are online Nurse Practitioner programs. You can either take a Master of Science in Nursing, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, or a Master of Science Bridge Program that caters to students with a Bachelor’s degree in another field.

It is very important to review the licensure requirements for Nurse Practitioners in your state. These requirements can vary from state to state, but you will need an advanced degree. Be sure the online program that you take is accredited and reputable so that your credits will be recognized.

Becoming a Certified Nurse-Midwife

Demand for Certified Nurse-Midwifes, or CNMs, is on the rise. Because of this, there are several different midwifery programs that prospective students can apply to. The goal of a midwife is to help pregnant women get the care they need during pregnancy while allowing the experience to be as natural as possible. You will need special training after becoming a Registered Nurse to be able to practice as a CNM. Programs in midwifery will focus on childbirth and general gynecology. You will also have curriculum that focuses on more natural treatment options and childbirth methods.

If you are trying to work as an RN while you study to become a CNM, an online program will be ideal. There are plenty of CNM distance programs to choose from, but it is important to choose a program that has earned accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education. According to the ACME, applications to these programs are on the rise, making the demand for more education options high. Be sure to compare the outcomes of programs, the curriculum, and most importantly cost so that you can make the best decision for your future.

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There are dozens and dozens of specializations that you can choose from as you earn an advanced degree in nursing. While you will need to complete clinical training in person, many times earning a speciality will not require this type of experience. Be sure to consider the requirements to become certified in your state and specialize a nursing degree online while you work.