What Are Successful Qualities of an Online Student?

Successful Qualities of an Online Student Students may often wonder about the successful qualities of online students and what will be required in an online class. Whether or not online learning is for a particular student has much to do with learning styles and traits of the student. While one student may need to have the physical presence of an instructor for motivation, another may motivate themselves independently without an instructor’s presence. When deciding whether or not to take online classes, students should consider their personality and the successful qualities of online students.

Independent Learners Are Successful Online Students

Students can consider their in-class behaviors as an indicator of how they might do in an online course. Those who raise their hand and ask for help a lot may thrive better in an in-class situation. Those who find themselves working quietly for long periods of time without asking the instructor or classmates for help learn more independently and might do better in an online situation. According to Educase Online, an online learning company, a study was done on successful qualities of online students reports independence as a key factor in online learning.

Schedules, Deadlines and Self-Discipline

Since there is no physical presence at a certain place and time required in online courses, it is very easy to just let the course slip one’s mind or focus less on it. Self-discipline is need and this ability to make a firm commitment to the course and schedule periods of time to work on it will make for a successful online experience. Deadlines may also be a little different in online courses. Students may have up to 10 p.m. to turn an assignment in, for example. It is the student’s responsibility to not procrastinate more just because a deadline is later.

Written Communication and “Netiquette”

Students who enjoy scoring participation points through talking in class may be less comfortable with now earning these points through writing. In addition, students who don’t enjoy learning through and producing written text may be less comfortable in an online class. On the other hand, those who avoid talking in class and are comfortable writing will likely thrive in an online class. Some students, however, become so comfortable participating in class discussion online that they forget their manners or “netiquette.” Personal attacks, degrading comments and flaming will likely not be tolerated.

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Less Social Aspect

Students who de-stress by chatting with friends right before and after class will need to be comfortable with losing this aspect. This obviously will be less of an issue for students who take classes partially on campus. Students going to school solely online will need to be comfortable with the level of socialization they will have.

Comfort With Online Instructor Communication

Instructors often gauge their teaching through nonverbal cues and responses from students. Without this feedback, instructors have no way of knowing if a problem exists. Therefore, one of the successful qualities of online students is feeling comfortable communicating with instructors through email or electronic messages. Often, there is not an immediate response to an issue, which may be disconcerting for some students.

An online learning environment may not be the best fit for some, and others may thrive better online than in a traditional classroom. In considering whether or not to take an online class, students should consider their personality, learning styles and level of comfort with the requirements of online learning, such as forum discussions. Particular importance will be placed on the ability to set a study schedule and stick to it. Knowing about the successful qualities of online students can help in making an informed decision of whether or not to study online.