What IT Degrees Can You Get Online?

Online IT DegreesAlmost all IT degrees offered in traditional colleges are also IT degrees you can get online. Below presents four popular IT degree options that are available through distance education.

Information Technology

An Information Technology degree provides an inclusive overview of the core skills and technologies needed to understand trends, evaluate practices and collaboratively reach resolutions in the field of IT, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students will learn the basics of verbal and written technical communication, which encompasses designing user-friendly documents and using digital media tools to create interactive learning modules. A general IT degree program will cover the fundamentals of programming, website design and database construction. Students will also be exposed to technology infrastructures and systems analysis and architecture. For instance, technology infrastructure coursework will delve into the software and hardware components that form a network. Some programs even include classes designed to enhance independent consulting skills and teach time and project management techniques.

Business IT

A business IT degree blends the above mentioned courses with standard business curricula. This means that students will learn accounting, which will cover topics like liabilities and internal controls, and finance, which will include planning, analysis and budgeting tools. These classes will be train students how to make informed financial decisions through leveraging technology solutions, such as accounting information systems. Then again, a marketing class will show students how to understand buyer, seller and market behaviors through data analytics. An organizational behavior class will examine individual attitudes and actions within the framework of technology and business processes. This class will introduce students to change management and organizational design tools.

IT Security

One of the most popular IT degrees you can get online is IT security. As cyber-crime and consumer privacy concerns arise, there is a growing demand for IT professionals with IT security and assurance training. IT security programs will introduce the student to network administration and best practices for server, file and storage management. A computer forensics course will train the student how to prevent and deal with illegal and unauthorized computer activities through data retrieval, collection and analysis. An intrusion detection class trains the student how to leverage security systems to defend against a myriad of security attacks. Related to this, students will learn effective incident response strategies that will allow them to protect critical business assets.

Database Management

Many industries, such as finance and health care, rely on complex databases to store and access mountains of data. A database management specialization will teach the student about database programming and database systems creation. These courses will be explored within applicable business contexts that will teach students how to use and transform data into actionable information. Thus, students must also learn how to collaborate with business leaders to identify information needs so they can design database systems that accurately store this accessible data. Students will likely take classes on SQL and Oracle query design and reporting. Data mining, analytics and warehousing will also be explored.

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There are many more fascinating IT degrees you can get online, such as a degree in network administration, operating systems and software development.