Cheap Online Psychology Degree Programs

Cheap Online Psychology DegreeIndividuals wanting to study the mind and enjoy both solving practical programs and working with others may inquire about cheap online psychology degree programs.

Psychology degree programs provide in-depth instruction on how the mind works and explore a range of topics including human development, emotions, gender, cognitive development, and psychological research methods. These degrees are available at all levels including certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Students can choose from many different sub-fields of psychology, such as clinical, sports, child, forensic, health, industrial-organizational, developmental, education, and experimental.

A psychology degree provides graduates with the necessary skills to study the mind and perform effective assessments. It opens to door to a wide range of career opportunities in many different fields.

Details of 5 Cheap Online Psychology Degree Programs

Baker College

One of the biggest private schools in the country, Baker College offers an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. Examples of courses include history of psychology, abnormal psychology, research methods, and learning and memory. All students are paired with a development coordinator to assist in creating an academic plan to meet their goals. Baker College has an open admission policy where all students who have a high school diploma or equivalent are admitted. It also offers numerous types of financial aid, such as scholarships, grants, student loans, and work-study. The cost of attendance is $215 per credit hour.

Columbia College

Columbia College is a private liberal arts school and it offers programs to adult and military students. It offers an online bachelor’s degree in psychology and students complete courses in general psychology, integrative psychology, and statistics. The maximum course load is two classes per eight-week term. Students must complete a seminar and comprehensive exit interview. The admissions requirements include high school diploma, standardized tests, and previous college transcripts. The cost of undergraduate tuition is $240 per credit hour and $340 for graduate tuition. Columbia College participates in various financial aid programs include federal grants and loans.

Colorado Technical University

CTU offers an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, psychology-consumer behavior, and psychology-organizational behavior. Examples of courses include social psychology, psychology and mass media, psychology of creativity, and theories of personality. The admissions requirements include an online application, personal telephone interview, submission of high school diploma or GED or undergraduate transcript, and TOEFL scores for non-English speakers. The cost of tuition for the psychology programs is $352 per credit hour. Colorado technical university participates in numerous financial aid programs, such as employer tuition repayment, military benefits, grants, and scholarships.

California Coast University

A non-profit, private university that offers an online associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree in psychology. Courses are not structured in semesters, terms, or quarters so students can start at any time of the year. Examples of the core courses include developmental psychology, personality theories, abnormal psychology, and educational psychology. The admissions requirements include application, official transcripts, resume, and work experience. California Coast University charges $150 per unit and associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree courses are usually three semester units. The university does not participate in financial aid, but it offers tuition payment plans and military tuition discounts. It also participates in employer reimbursement and military tuition assistance.

These Cheap Online Psychology Degree Programs will effectively prepare students for a variety of meaningful and lucrative careers.

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